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Sociants attends the CGI Action Network on Post-Disaster Recovery

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Sociants conveys its appreciation to everyone that connected with us during the Clinton Global Initiative Action (CGI) Network on Post-Disaster Recovery forum, the past August 7, 2018 at the University of Miami, Florida.

There we learned key insights from individuals and organizations, with recovery and relief experience in past natural disasters, in the United States and the Caribbean islands, so we decided to boost our new version of the platform.

Sociants offers advanced technology for disaster preparedness, response, recovery and long-term resiliency in the Caribbean region. Our platform allows individuals to communicate their necessities based on social determinants of health, and allows community organizations to respond effectively and deploy the critical resources they need immediately after a natural disaster.

What Sociant does…

  1. People in need can voice their necessities through  surveying and screening in our platform. 
  2. Provides visualization of population data using Arch technology and heat-wave mapping.
  3. Presents accurate resources management to community organizations and relief agencies, such as Community Recovery Centers( CRCs) in Puerto Rico.
  4. Offers intelligent tools to match needs of a community with recovery resources using location proximity and availability.
  5. Provides preparedness profiling, planning and collaboration tools.
  6. Raises alerts facilitating all resource centers per locations.
  7. Shares information and best practices among organizations through crowdsourcing.
  8. Measures responsiveness and import latency.
  9. Accelerates the coordination of response logistics with local and international support organizations, the private sector and government agencies.  
  10. Supports relief organizations with field-based strategies.
  11. Shares knowledge of the cultural, legal and political landscape for each country in the region, including communities profiles and key local organizations contacts.

Photo taken from Clinton Foundation.

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