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Sociants joins the

Global Resilience Partnership!

By: Sociants

Sociants is now part of the Global Resilience Partnership (GRP), a global network of public and private organizations joining forces towards a resilient, sustainable and prosperous future for vulnerable people and places.

What is resiliency?

Resilience is the ability of individuals, communities, organisations and states to adapt to and recover from hazards, shocks or stresses without compromising long-term prospects for the development of a country.

"Disaster resilience is determined by the degree to which individuals, communities and public and private organizations are capable of organizing themselves to learn from past disasters and reduce their risks to future ones, at international, regional, national and local levels", established to the Hyogo Framework for Action (UNISDR, 2005).

Resiliency is vital for a nation in order to rise up from adversity and hardships, and work on preparing themselves for future events in a way that is faster and better for it's recovery.

Measuring resiliency

Without some numerical means of assessing resilience it would be impossible to identify the priority needs for improvement, to monitor changes, to show that the resilience of a community, state or country has improved, or to compare the benefits of increasing resilience with the associated costs.

According to Disaster Resilience, A National Imperative, the measurement of a concept such as resilience is difficult, requiring not only an agreed-upon metric, but also the data and algorithms needed to compute it. The very act of defining a resilience metric, and the discussions that ensue about its structure, helps a community to clarify and formalize what it means by the concept of resilience, thereby raising the quality of debate. The principles that resilience metrics can entail are illustrated by some existing national and international indicators or frameworks that address measurement of the resilience of different aspects of community systems.

Sociants and GRP: Resiliency Partners

The GRP consider resilience as prerequisite for understanding the drivers and impacts of complex issues to help communities, governments, development and humanitarian organizations, and the private sector to identify and enable novel solutions.

The Sociants digital platform was designed as a resiliency tool, in respond to the needs acknowledged when Hurricane Maria affected Puerto Rico, in which over 3,000 persons lost their lives. Mostly due to poor coordination of resources and lack of information about the community needs to provide access to government and community organizations resources.

GRP and Sociants promote and work to achieve resiliency, the ability to recover readily from adversity. To achieve this, a new approach is required to enable people, households, communities, countries, and/or systems to cope with unforeseen events and transform in the face of sudden or protracted crises.

Sociants will collaborate in strengthening our community entities that work daily, many times voluntarily, to improve our society through solving social determinants of health and improve people’s lives. And alongside the GRP will work together to share knowledge, coordinate and catalyze resilience technological innovations that advance the concept of resilience.

Together we will impact with novel solutions complex issues to help communities, governments, non-governmental agencies, and the private sector. Thereby working towards more resilient communities and world.

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