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Vieques Social Determinants Initiative

By: Sociants

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The Puerto Rican island of Vieques has a tumultuous history and lives in a state of isolation. Behind it’s sandy beaches and lush tropical forests Vieques is an island with a population that has many health and social needs that aren’t met. That is why, for the first time, and Community Providers of Vieques have joined forces to address the particular needs of the island with the Vieques Social Determinants Initiative (VSDI).

The main goal of this initiative is to capture data, map and address the particular needs of the residents of Vieques based on the social determinants of health, which are health-related, cultural, political and economic forces that help explain the relationship between health and needs.

Through the VSDI the citizens of Vieques will receive the resources they’re missing. This will give them the power to demand and advocate for what they need and deserve. The platform will empower the island to bring the right services to their people. It will also attract more interest, investment and relief to make Vieques a more resilient community.

Picture taken from Vieques Insider.

How we're gonna achieve it

First, a Community Network will be build with individuals in need, Community Providers (entities that provide direct services to the community) and Conveners (entities that patronize Community Providers). Then, the needs of the Vieques population will be mapped using a social determinants of health survey to learn what factors are affecting the well-being of their individuals. Based on the screening of Vieques, the needs discovered will be matched with resources and services provided by community organizations. Lastly, Sociants and Community Providers will distribute reports about the results and findings of the initiative, in order to share the gathered data and boost other projects to develop preventive plans that improve an individual’s quality of life.

To achieve this end goal, a digital platform that facilitates and promotes the development of coordinated efforts, networking, and the use of multidisciplinary services to impact different aspects of an individual’s well-being; partnered with Community Providers (entities that provide direct services to the community) from Vieques, such as Vieques Love, Justice for Vieques, Vieques Municipality, BiblioCeiba, Hope Builders, Radio Vieques, COREFI, MercyCorps, among many others. By joining advanced technology and scientific research for the Vieques Social Determinants Initiative we can improve the well-being and health of every single person in Vieques.

Visit the Vieques Social Determinants Initiative to learn more and find out how you can join.

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