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Water, a vital resource for life

By: Sociants

· Social Determinants

There are some resources that are vital for a human, water is the most important. However, when a natural disaster occurs the accessibility and availability of to water, among other resources, can become difficult or even impossible.

After hurricane María hit Puerto Rico, in September 20 of 2017, thousands of people were without running, or even clean, water for days on end. Furthermore, in the year since the natural disaster, 50 percent of Puerto Ricans say people in their households still could not get enough water to drink, according to an article by the Washington Post.

The article follows the life of a family that resides in the town of Villalba, that lost their electrical power and water service after María. “Without power, we could light a candle or a generator,” expressed one of the family members named Petra Gonzalez. “But water? Water is everything.”

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The family would rely on their only water reserve: a blue tank at the top of the hill of their community. “After months of living without power, after a year of sleeping under roofs made of blue tarp, some families still confront the daily question: Will we have water today? If not, where will we find it?”, emphasizes the article.

In situations like this, a tool that can match these peoples necessities with the resource they need, and a helping hand, is imperative. Sociants, was developed as a platform to solve this problem and preventing it from happening again. The platform matches an individual’s necessities with an organization or community provider that can satisfy their needs.

By using tools such as this platform, the coordination and delivery of resources can be made easy and effective. Therefore, no individual will have to wonder when or where are they going to be able to drink a vital resource, such as water.

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