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Backend Engineer at Sociants

Job type


Full job description

As part of the - team, we build new opportunities and solve challenges for our customers as they help people find and connect with the services they need. Our customers are innovative organizations across many sectors - healthcare, government, local and national nonprofits, education, and housing, to name a few. Your role will center around building trusted customer relationships, building and maintaining strong customer satisfaction and retention, and expanding customer use of the platform. 


  • Passion to use your job to help people in need.

  • Bachelor's Degree degree or equivalent.

  • 2+ years experience in customer success, organization leadership, account management or social work administration.

  • Interest in social determinants of health, organizational innovation, social enterprise, healthcare, community organizations, governmental groups.

  • Superior communication, networking and relationship skills, and demonstrated ability to communicate/present effectively at all levels of the organization including the executive level.

  • Skilled at problem-solving, decision making, negotiations, and ability to navigate challenging situations in a professional manner.

  • Experience with technology and able to learn new technologies quickly.

  • Customer-focused, enthusiastic, positive and service-oriented.

  • Intrinsically motivated, results-oriented, data focused and ambitious.

  • Team player, enjoys working hard, exhibits professionalism, is dedicated to meeting and exceeding expectations.

  • Ability to travel, when it is safe to do so.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Program entry on Sociants database.

  • Verifying and maintaining current program data.

  • Making direct contacts to organizations to verify program information.

  • Customer Support and live chat.

  • Develop & maintain trusted advisor relationships with executive teams.

  • Communicate Sociants’ vision of the future of social care and how technology can support customers in achieving their goals.

  • Advocate for the customer, champion their success.

  • Develop industry, regional, and state specific strategies for customer portfolio, such as opportunities for collaboration with customers, specific industry/state initiatives, building relationships with community partners, etc.

  • Create and share materials to support internal and external communications.

  • Participate on customer-facing webinars or group meetings and presentations to share insights, leading practices, and industry trends.

  • Collaborate with the Customer Success team to build a thriving department and foster the overall success and adoption of Sociants, support drive contracts, renewals, and expansions.

Skills and expectations

  • Strong communication skills (written, verbal, telecommunications, digital).

  • Understanding of basic web terminology.

  • Bilingual.

  • Great time manager, organized and attentive to details.

  • Collaborate, be active and part of the team.

  • Work hard for the objectives and expectations.

  • Solution-oriented.

  • Reach and exceed your goals.

What you get

Beyond the compensation and benefits package, you will be doing meaningful work and helping us build a company. Your work will directly contribute to our mission to help people in need find help and lead better lives.  


  • Friendly working environment.

  • Sick, vacation and parental leave.

  • Company stock.

Work location and schedule

  • Monday to Friday.

  • On location, Propulsa Office.

  • Remote: Temporarily due to COVID-19.

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