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Accreditation of Organizations in Refé

Our accreditation process consists of three steps to ensure that Community Providers complete a full validation process, avoiding flight-by-night organizations in our directory.

First, we identified providers and resources from community organizations that provide social services in Puerto Rico. We use different sources such as the list of non-profit organizations registered with the PR State Department, lists of recognized organizations.

In addition, we curate your profile while validating your information with local or national agencies, such as the Puerto Rico Department of State, the IRS, the Puerto Rico Department of Treasury, and verify that your documents are up to date.

We then interview community provider “leaders” to validate contact information and resources and request certifications if they provide specific services such as food or mental health services, which may require additional credentials.

Finally, and most importantly, is our recurring adoption process, which includes training, learning materials, video tutorials, “tickets” [JG1] of service request and webinars, to name a few. We have also created the Sociants Academy, where users in the organization can find and access resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to continue learning how to best use Sociants by optimizing their knowledge.

It is important to note that no organization can automatically register or access Sociants without going through our vetting process, which typically takes 48 hours, but can sometimes take longer. If a Community Provider is active on Sociants it is because we validate that the Community Provider can respond, has their data updated and is ready to handle a social assistance referral.

The Sociants Team does its own research, and if everything matches what the Community Provider has published, then and only then, Sociants activates the organization's account in the Community Provider Directory.

For more details and information, please contact us at

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