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Based Information

in Data

Sociants equips government agencies with robust data analytics capabilities to understand and address the underlying social factors that impact community health. By leveraging our platform governments can access real-time data on SDOH, enabling evidence-based decision making, resource allocation, and targeted interventions. This data-driven approach allows governments to identify vulnerable populations, prioritize interventions, and measure the impact of their initiatives.



Sociants emphasizes community engagement and empowerment as a cornerstone of effective healthcare. Our platform allows governments to actively involve individuals, community leaders and organizations in the decision-making process. Through features like surveys, group chats, and community forums, Sociants facilitates meaningful dialogue, solicits feedback, and builds trust, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration to address SDOH at the community level.



Sociants streamlines coordination and communication between government agencies, healthcare providers, and community organizations. Our platform facilitates secure information sharing, collaboration and case management, enabling efficient referrals and ensuring people receive comprehensive care that addresses their social needs. By breaking down communication gaps and fostering collaboration, Sociants helps governments optimize resource utilization, reduce duplication of services, and improve the overall efficiency of their health systems.

Policy Evaluation and Improvement

Sociants provides governments with valuable information and metrics to evaluate the impact of policies and programs related to social determinants of health (SDoH). Our platform enables continuous monitoring and evaluation of interventions, allowing governments to identify successful initiatives, make data-driven adjustments, and improve their policies over time. By fostering a culture of learning and improvement, Sociants supports governments in delivering impactful, evidence-based solutions to address SDOH.

Sociants Case Management Screenshot

Case Management Portal

Case Portal Specialized to Address the Social Determinants of Health

The Sociants Case Management Portal has an identifier with more than 411 needs recognized by the CDC. Once identified, they can be referred through our provider directory or served under the programs defined by the organization.

Electronic Referrals

Referral Module Integrated into a Directory of Providers Throughout the Island

Refer the needs of the population to more than 1,000 community-based organizations through the same platform. Our directory has search filters by Social Determinant of Health, region, chronic conditions and type of population.

Screenshot Sociants Referral Module
Screenshot Sociants Needs Identifier
Screenshot of Sociants Reports

Dynamic Reports

Manage Assessments and Progress Surveys in One Place

At Sociants, it is possible to create and manage assessments and surveys designed to obtain information from social care cases. These can be attached as a document to each individual's profile for easy access.

Price Packages:

All packages include: Capture, EngageIntervene, Analyze and Support Services


  • Starting at: $2,400

  • 20 users

  • Up to 10.000 active cases

  • In-person staff training

  • Implementation: $5,000


  • Contact us for price

  • Unlimited users

  • More than 10.000 active cases

  • R.O.M.A. Report

  • Dedicated support resources

  • In-person staff training


Unlock the Potential of Your Social Care and Assistance Program with Sociants

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