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Independent Workers

Increase the Reach of Your Initiatives and Programs

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Simplified Documentation with Digital Record

Using digital case profiles you will be able to document sociodemographic data in detail, take notes in real time, efficiently execute surveys, obtain digital consents, upload relevant documents and, crucially, identify the social determinants that need to be addressed.

Optimization of


Sociants' platform provides community providers with valuable insights and data to optimize resource allocation. By understanding community needs and utilization patterns you can strategically allocate resources to high-demand areas and tailor services to meet specific requirements.

Impact Measurement with Dynamic Reports

Sociants technology includes data analysis tools that will allow you to collect and analyze key metrics related to your operations, results, and populations. These insights will help you identify trends, measure the impact of interventions, and make informed decisions to optimize your services.

Agile Referral

Management Process

The Sociants referral module facilitates two levels of coordination: either to coordinate internal referrals through your organization's various community programs and/or to provide support services to your communities through external providers quickly and safely.


Case Management Portal

Case Portal
Specialized to Address the Social Determinants of Health

The Sociants Case Management Portal has an identifier with more than 411 needs recognized by the CDC. Once identified, they can be referred through our provider directory or served under the programs defined by the organization.

Electronic Referrals

Referral Module Integrated into a Directory of Providers Throughout the Island

Refer the needs of the population to more than 1,000 community-based organizations through the same platform. Our directory has search filters by Social Determinant of Health, region, chronic conditions and type of population.

Sociants Referral Module Screenshot
Sociants Needs Identifier Screenshot
Report Screenshots

Dynamic Reports

Manage Assessments and Progress Surveys in One Place

At Sociants it is possible to create and manage assessments and surveys designed to obtain information on social care cases. These can be attached as a document to each individual's profile for easy access.

Price Packages:

All packages include: Capture, EngageIntervene, Analyze and Support Services


  • Free for Students

  • 1 user

  • 100 cases

  • We require evidence*


  • $25 for Community Leaders, Social Workers and Nurses

  • 1 user

  • 100 cases

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