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Developing your Network at Sociants

By building your SDoH network on Sociants, you'll be able to expand your network, measure the social impact of your initiatives, and watch your members thrive. Your network will increase the likelihood of successfully referring a person in need to another provider in the community, quickly providing needed assistance, and increasing your closed-loop referrals.

Choose your SDoH initiatives based on social risk factors, population profile, or geographic location.

The first step is to choose the social determinant initiative in which your organization specializes. You can select the initiative based on the social risk factor, such as mental health, diet, population profile, such as older adults, disabled, etc., or focus on one specific geographic area.

Reach the network of organizations you trust to query and count each network.< /p>

After choosing the SDoH initiative you want to focus on first, you'll invite organizations you trust to refer a need for assistance.

Measure the social impact of each of your participating networks and community organizations, and adjust accordingly.

Once you have completed the first two steps, you will be able to see which participating organizations in your network are actively participating, accepting referrals, and providing assistance. In this way, you can eliminate from your network those organizations that are not responding and maintain a network with proactive organizations that will give you results to close the cycle.

Expand the footprint of your SDoH initiatives by adding organizations to your existing networks.

After measuring the social impact of the organizations in your networks and making adjustments, you can expand the initiative by inviting/adding new organizations to the existing network.

Add initiatives to your SDoH program based on social ROI.

If your current network is working very well, identify another social risk factor, population, or location profile, and create a new network with another initiative that addresses your organization.

Watch your SDoH program flourish and your members reach new levels of satisfaction.

Now that you've built your networks, see how your SDoH program is growing, how you're closing the loops, achieving ROI, and how your members' health is improving with gratification.

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