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Celebrating the commemoration of Social Work Professional Day

Recently, in Puerto Rico it was determined that the fourth Friday of October will be recognized as Social Worker Professional Day. On this commemorative day, we have the opportunity to reflect on the invaluable contribution these professionals make to our society. Often working without recognition, social workers are the silent pillars holding up entire communities, tackling complex challenges and providing essential support to those who need it most.

Learn better about the crucial role of social workers

Change Agents:

Social workers are fundamental agents of change. They are incorporated into communities to understand underlying dynamics, identifying areas of need and designing effective interventions.

Social Justice Advocates:

In a world where inequality persists, social workers are tireless advocates for social justice. They work to ensure that everyone has access to the resources and services necessary to achieve a better quality of life.

Emotional Support:

In times of crisis and desperation, social workers offer understanding and empathetic treatment. They provide emotional support to individuals and families, guiding them toward constructive solutions.

Positive Change Facilitators:

Through guidance and empowerment, social workers facilitate positive changes in people's lives, fostering resilience and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Sociants contributes to the development of the next social workers in Puerto Rico

Recognizing the importance of social workers, we are proud to have an internship program for students studying social work called Sociants University, which currently has 16 students.

In this program, we offer students the opportunity to carry out their Social Work internship in non-profit organizations and provide them with access to the Sociants platform to familiarize themselves with it and take advantage of its digital tools that will make it easier for you to gain experience in your field. In addition, they have mentors such as Mr. Rafael Cortés, Social Worker, and Dr. Tina Tirado, Psychologist, who work closely with the students, providing them with the necessary training to successfully carry out their practice process. Through the implementation of this internship program and other initiatives, we aspire to continue providing social workers in Puerto Rico with the necessary tools, support and recognition so that they can continue to perform their duties effectively.

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