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Streamlines the social assistance of the citizens of the municipality.

Directory of Community Suppliers in your Municipality and throughout Puerto Rico

  • 24/7 access for municipal administrators and all citizens. Categorized by region, communities, populations and social determinants.

  • Visibility of assistance programs on map.

  • Details and contacts for updated community organizations and programs.

  • Ability to create Support Networks between organizations with common purposes. Access to associations and foundations that care for patients with chronic conditions {cancer, diabetes, heart, kidney, lung, Alzheimer's, covid}

  • Access to associations and foundations that serve vulnerable populations {elderly, women, youth, LGTBQIA}

  • Identify favorite organizations for easy access.

Coordination Tools and Social Referrals

  • Digital directory with over 1,200 community organizations and programs throughout Puerto Rico and constantly validated data;

  • Tools to carry out surveys digitally and be able to identify needs in real time, determining the level of risk;

  • Facilitates the coordination of referrals with community providers in the municipality closest to the citizen;

  • Increase awareness about the impact of chronic diseases, the importance of early diagnosis, appropriate management and prevention with health education;

  • Allows you to implement prevention programs and promote the proper management of chronic conditions using interactive dashboards;

  • Increase citizen satisfaction levels;

  • It reduces hospitalization costs and expenses associated with the health of its citizens.


Coordination of Referrals for Social Assistance

  • It speeds up the citizen's eligibility to receive social benefits.

  • Identifies community providers with the capacity and resources to assist.

  • It facilitates the management of referrals sent, referrals received and their progress.

  • Confirm receipt of assistance via text messages (SMS).


Citizen Assistance Portal

  • All the services of the Municipal Office and < u>Central Government are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Registry of basic needs of individuals and households.

  • Channeling of social services based on social determinants

  • Automation of referrals through text messages and chat.

  • More efficient and economical than call centers" and dedicated office staff

  • Types of services:

    1. Food vouchers

    2. Drug incentives

    3. Financial assistance for funeral events

    4. Basic utilities

    5. Surrogate homes

    6. Family counseling

    7. Home assistance

    8. School dropout

    9. Among others.


Citizen History

  • Demographic profile, map location and contact points

  • Documentation and reports

  • History with date of each attendance.

  • Add images and identification of the person, including licenses, photos and home of residence.


New Citizen Service Model

It is accessible, effective, helps reduce operational expenses and provides better care.

To see more information about social determinants, you can do so HERE.

If your organization is interested in learning more about how Sociants tools and resources can accelerate your goal of care, please contact us at 787.294.5551 or


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