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New social work note-taking tool

The new version of the NOTE-taking tool includes a content editor for more personalized ways to annotate. Also, Notes can be identified as 'Sensitive' to protect others from accessing private or security-protected data. Finally, Notes can be categorized to maintain a much more organized and measurable file.


To make your notes related to a case, visit the 'Notes' tab. Click the blue ' Add ' button.

The new Notes editor includes the ability to format the content, mark the case as sensitive, and select a type of category to relate the note to.

Now you will be able to have more control of all the annotations and the progress of each case. Notes can be identified by time period, type of note, and by the user who made the annotation.

Each note can be edited maintaining a history of when and who worked on the case.

Print each note when necessary and measure the collective effort of your team providing social assistance.

We hope that this new way of taking social work notes will be of great benefit to all our users.

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