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Sociants' Commitment to the Student Population

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Sociants' Commitment to the Student Population

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Recently, various print media in the country have addressed the multiple barriers that young people face when graduating, highlighting significant challenges such as the economic difficulty that leads many to work while studying, the limited accessibility to educational institutions, the lack of support and mentoring, transportation difficulties, housing shortages and difficulties meeting their nutritional needs. 

These conditions have caused a worrying decline in young people pursuing post-secondary studies in the country's universities and a general concern for the future of important professions such as social work, greatly impacted by the decrease in enrollment. In the next 30 years, the question arises of whether we will have enough professionals in hospitals, health centers, mental health institutions, as well as in government and business roles, prepared to serve an aging population. situation invites us to reflect as a country on how to effectively address the social needs of our students, with the aim of ensure a future with improved opportunities for all.

Student psychologist with a student sitting in the professional's office. There is a computer in the background.

In this context, we want to reaffirm our commitment to the student population. At Sociants, we believe that by identifying the social needs of students from their own communities, and especially from the school environment, we can act as a bridge that overcomes barriers, connecting resources with social assistance quickly, accurately and safe. To this end, we have developed tools that identify these needs based on the 13 Social Determinants of Health, facilitating electronic referrals to various community providers in Puerto Rico closing the gap between need and social assistance.

In addition to addressing current concerns, Sociants is committed to training a new generation of committed and trained professionals. Therefore, in line with this vision, Sociants has implemented an internship program for university social work students. Through this, we offer these students technological training and we strategically position them in community organizations, thus strengthening their professional preparation and providing them with enriching impact experiences. 

Student practicing using tablet

With Sociants, we are paving the road of social barriers, so that the next generations can drive safely towards a more equitable Puerto Rico, where every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential and make significant contributions to an ever-evolving society. 


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