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Message from the founder of Sociants

Receive a cordial greeting.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is the circumstances in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age, that determine the social and health well-being of the person.

Although it had been some time since we had begun to develop the concept of educating about the social determinants of health in Puerto Rico, it was the devastation left by Hurricane Maria after passing through Puerto Rico in September 2017 that made us even more aware of the vulnerability in which individuals, families, and entire communities live. After the hurricane, the news that went around the world was the emergency in which Puerto Ricans lived, largely due to the lack of basic resources that they did not have access to or services that never reached where they needed to go. Most of the affected people were already dealing with other socioeconomic situations, such as unsafe housing, lack of employment, and health problems, among others.

Recognizing this reality, we built an innovative tool that would accelerate the identification, coordination, and equitable distribution of resources and services, especially in times of crisis such as natural disasters. Sociants also emerged as a bridge to unite community efforts and achieve lasting results among those who need it most. This is how arises.

From there, we focused on bringing together professionals with a high commitment to undertake this project. Today, just over two years since September 2017, Sociants is a reality. With the help of experts in the areas of health, programming, and social work, we look to the study of the social determinants of health in Puerto Rico, and to make our tool generate high-impact changes through technological innovation.

We are proud to know that, at, your entity will continue to reduce the gaps in our society and generate changes both in the lives of individuals and in the communities it serves. Through collaborative efforts, we can open the way to a progressive and growing Puerto Rico for all.

We are at your disposal!

Diego Loinaz Martin

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