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SDoH Webinar Series

The population of Puerto Rico has faced a series of challenges in the past five years, from atmospheric events, telluric events, pandemics, among others, which have resulted in the migration of the population, especially to the United States. As a result, these threats have served as a catalyst for a transformation of the population profile. Added to this is the implementation of a series of public policies that have affected the organizational capacities of the public health system of Puerto Rico.

CMS recently published its guidelines for states to implement services and assistance to address the Social Determinants of Health where it sets out a series of provisions that impact the services offered to address these social determinants of health. offers nonprofit organizations, community providers, government agencies and local and international foundations, digital tools to identify the needs of individuals in Puerto Rico, based on the social determinants that impact their health. We invite you to learn more about the new benefits for this population.

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