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Sociants: Addressing the social determinants that most impact Puerto Rican communities

Introduction to Sociants

Sociants is an innovative application designed to address social determinants in Puerto Rico and help solve the challenges faced by communities on the island. This mobile platform aims to promote citizen participation, encourage collaboration and facilitate access to basic resources and services. Sociants is based on the premise that social change requires the commitment and collective action of community members.

Sociants Features

1. Community and Social Networks: Sociants allows users to connect with like-minded people, form virtual communities and share experiences and ideas. This feature encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration among community members.

2. Resources and Services: The application provides a complete directory of resources and services available in different areas, such as housing, education, health and employment. Users can access up-to-date information and check the availability of these resources in their communities.

3. Volunteering and Activism: Sociants offers a platform for users to find volunteer opportunities and get involved in community activities and projects. Users can participate in social transformation initiatives and promote change in their communities.

4. Education and Training: The application provides access to courses and educational materials to strengthen the skills and knowledge of users. This includes financial education programs, job training, and courses on civil and social rights.

5. Alerts and Emergencies: Partners provides real-time information on alerts and emergencies that may affect communities. Users will receive notifications about weather events, utility outages or other situations that require immediate attention.

Sociants benefits to address social determinants

- Community Empowerment: Sociants allows community members to become empowered and take action to improve their quality of life. The application encourages citizen participation and facilitates collaboration between users.

- Access to Resources: Sociants helps overcome barriers to accessing basic resources and services. By providing updated and centralized information, the application facilitates access to housing, employment, health and education, thus improving the quality of life of communities.

- Social Awareness: The application promotes social awareness and activism. By connecting like-minded people and facilitating participation in community projects, Sociants fosters a sense of belonging and solidarity among users.

- Emergency Response: Sociants' alerts and emergencies function helps communities prepare and respond to crisis situations. This facilitates communication and coordination in difficult times, improving the resilience of communities.


Sociants is a digital application that seeks to address social determinants in Puerto Rico, helping communities overcome the challenges they face. By facilitating citizen participation, promoting collaboration, and improving access to basic resources and services, Sociants has the potential to drive social change and improve the quality of life of Puerto Rican communities.

With this application, you can promote social transformation and work towards a more equitable, inclusive and prosperous Puerto Rico.

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