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Working for more equity in the health sector

Health equity and its social determinants are fundamental pillars of modern healthcare. In this article, we will explore how Sociants is leading the effort to improve equity in Puerto Rico's healthcare sector.

What does equity mean in the context of health?

Health equity implies that all people, regardless of their socioeconomic background, gender, race or sexual orientation, have equal opportunities to achieve their maximum potential for health and well-being.

Our commitment to equity and Social Determinants of Health

Partners Platform
Partners Platform

Sociants 3.0 advances health equity through three strategic approaches that deliver meaningful impact in communities:


1. Providing visibility to service providers

One of the ways Sociants advocates for health equity is by providing visibility to health and community service providers. The platform creates an exhaustive digital repository of suppliers that can be explored according to the social needs they seek to address. This greatly facilitates the identification of relevant resources and services, ensuring that communities have access to the right solutions for their specific needs.


2. Facilitating collaboration between multiple suppliers

Sociants promotes effective collaboration between multiple healthcare providers and community providers. Through digital profiles of individuals and a referral management system, various entities can coordinate their efforts to provide complete and holistic services to communities. This synergy between providers ensures that people have greater access to the comprehensive care they deserve, regardless of their socioeconomic or demographic situation.

Needs Identifier

3. Identifying needs and compiling impact measures

Health equity is improved when communities can directly express their needs. With Sociants, you can send custom surveys to let communities tell you about their needs directly. In addition, the platform creates dynamic reports that allow measuring the effectiveness of the services provided in a specific community. This ensures that resources are allocated to the people who need them most and that interventions are tailored to the real needs of communities.

In short, Sociants not only recognizes the importance of health equity, but also takes concrete steps to achieve it. By providing visibility to providers, fostering collaboration among them, and allowing communities to channel their needs, Sociants is playing a crucial role in promoting a more equitable and accessible health system for all.

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