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Simplify your Social Work: discover the latest updates to the Sociants platform

With great enthusiasm we present the new services, updates and tools on the Sociants platform, the platform preferred by social workers for the management of digital files and electronic referrals. We hope to continue offering technology that facilitates social work.


New electronic referral portal

A new look to facilitate the management of all referrals sent by your social programs and those referrals received for assistance coordination. Now you can view those active referrals with greater urgency, priority and the status of each one. You can also archive those that have already been attended to or delivered.


Simplified Referral Management

We simplified the status of referrals, including a new status for when a service is “Ready for pickup” and for when there was “Failed contact” with the person you refer.


New referral types now include Groups and Community!

Using Sociants you can send electronic referrals to people, groups and for assistance to an entire community.

  • Referral Individual - Refers a person's need to a community provider.

  • Referral of Group Activity - Speedlines the work by making referrals of the same need to a group of people.

  • Referred to Community - Through Sociants you can create a specific referral to a community, very useful for aegis, plots, neighborhoods and groups of people with particular conditions who live in a community.


Case Management Activities

Improves the performance of your Case Managers by pre-configuring activities that your community health workers must perform. Defines steps that must be followed as part of a care plan. Each activity can change state until it is completed. Completed activities may determine a positive or negative outcome for the participant or patient.

Managers will be able to activate and edit the activities of their work teams.


New States for Active, Assisted and Archived Cases

From now on, users with the role of Case Managers and Managers will be able to change the status of their cases, and will also be able to identify those cases that are Sensitive.

  • Active - all new cases and cases with needs that are being referred.

  • Assisted - those cases whose needs have already been met and there are no pending referrals.

  • Archived - cases that no longer need to be reported or accounted for and that can be deleted from your organization's account.

  • Sensitive - cases requiring special data protection

  • All - all the cases created from your programs are presented.


Digital Consents for Signature of the Participant and Patients

If you didn't already know, at Sociants you can now digitize all the consents for your programs and eliminate paper. Obtain the signature of your participants digitally at the meeting and service location. You can print and share for the record of the case. Digitize all the consents your Programs need.


See a 'Preview' of Shared Documents

Now the documents that are shared can be viewed in preview form and/or downloaded from each digital file to be used during case management. This is very useful for sharing educational material, carrying out tasks with the participant and for presenting a QR code where you can take surveys before, during and after the intervention.


Data and Resources of your Programs

Now in Sociants the Social Assistance Programs can be related to more data. You will be able to relate data related to a fund, define its beginning and conclusion, associate other providers or stakeholders, identify the estimated population to be impacted and categorize by social determinant related to the needs of the population that is intended to be served. . Create all your organization's Programs and identify the resources they provide.


Reports, finally, Reports!

The latest version of Sociants (S3.0) includes dynamic reports to measure your social work efforts. Users with the Manager role will now be able to see real-time data about their electronic referrals and the profile of all active cases in their programs. It was worth the wait.

Referral Report

Case Report

Referred by StatesReferred by Social DeterminantProvider ReferralsReferrals by TimeReferrals by Level of Urgency

Cases by Age, Gender, Race and EthnicityEducation, Health, Housing and Income DataCases Created by TimeIdentified NeedsActivities Completed by TS

Partners also configure specialized reports for federal programs to reduce time tabulating data and obtain accurate data in real time. (Result Oriented Measurement Accountability report requiring Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) funds.


New Mobile App!

We welcome you to our new Sociants App, available on iOS and Android. This powerful social work tool empowers your team to capture data, allowing you to create cases in the last mile, identify the needs of people in the community, take photos of documents, take risk surveys, digitally sign informed consents and use the GPS navigator to locate the person on the map. Registered users will be able to download and use the application. Very useful for community brigades, volunteer events and social work in communities. Available in Spanish and English, and works great on tablets. Download the app today!


More of what we do at Sociants

Directory of Social and Community Assistance Programs continues to grow to more than 1,300 resources available in Puerto Rico to address social determinants.


Join your programs with the Social Collaboration Networks that are organized openly at Sociants. Create groups of programs that assist people with common conditions to share data and make referrals more accurately. Very useful for coordinating community brigades and creating collaborative alliances.


We continue to train students from schools of social work throughout Puerto Rico. We are DETERMINED to design tools that accelerate care coordination, train a new generation in the effective use of technology, and help them complete their practicum hours with our community providers using Sociants. More than anything, we learn from them to improve the application more and more. We grant the use of Sociants at no cost to all social work students in PR.


We continue to work with our clients in public health sectors, municipalities, community providers, academies, faith-based organizations, volunteer groups, community leaders, hospitals and health plans.


Extra, Extra... Watch our new video!

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